♥alicia♪ (pritty_inpink_) wrote in toofoxxtotrot,

Am I too fox to trot?

first name; middle name(s); last name: Alicia Lyn Saroli

age: 14

location: Canadaa

nickname(s): Aleesh

marital status: Single

how did you find this community?: Beloved Chelseas MSN name

did you promote? if so; where?: i have yet to do so

five favourite bands; five favourite movies; five favourite books (if you can't think of five, don't worry about it): Fall Out Boy, Spil Canvas, Starting Line, BSB, AAR -- The Notebook, Now and Then, Eurotrip, Aladdin -- The Au Pairs, Shopaholic, Gossip Girl, The A List, The Clique

any trestin' facts/talents?: i like food =)

do you know the mods? picture with one?: psh i for sure know BOTH

pick a mode && write them a little somethin' somethin', bitch: ehh?? chelsea tu est tres confusing!! chelsea is tres great.. (if by "mode" you mean "mod") i love her an immense amount <333

try to hurt my feelings in the most creative way: i dont want to hurt your feelings, i love ou! (yes, OU)

&PICTURES!! post atleast three? yes, three sounds lovely:

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just fix the appliccattiooon.
it doesn't work in rich text editor.. =(
you can just take out all bold underline stuff and whatnot.
i love alicia. simple as that.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

who coulda guessed?!
haha, all of us.
there's three people in the community, me && sara said yes,
and i'm pretty sure laura's dead. (plus i dont think she knows how to do all this livejournaly stuff).
plus, you were gonna get accepted no matter what.
when people i DON'T know/like start joining, that when the real fun comes =)